The Way of Restoration CD Improper attitudes, activities, and thoughts can bring about curses in ones life. See how to address iniquities and those of your forefathers so that you can be totally free from their influence. Learn seven steps that lead you into the restoration of your inheritance in Christ.
Breaking the Generational Curse CD  If you think you have been laboring under a curse and you want to do something about it, you can. Whether it was you or your ancestors that violated God’s commands resulting in the curse, you have authority (in Christ) to stop it and find freedom.
The Power of Obedience CD Committed obedience to the Lord releases tremendous power in the life of the believer. It brings freedom from being driven by the emotions, fears, and passions of life. It allows the believer to be led by the Spirit of God so that they can wait on the Lord and receive their divine inheritance.
The Father's Faith CD God has a special anointing on a father or a mother who releases his or her faith on behalf of their household and for those to whom they are responsible. God is calling them to release their faith towards the righteous relationship between their children and the Lord.
Children the Church of Tomorrow CD  If we do not train our children to know the Lord then there are those that are going to target them to their destruction. Some people think that Christians are mislead and that they have a right to get to our children and to teach them what they believe is a more enlightened truth when it really is not truth at all. There is a divine call on Christian parents and the church to train children in God’s covenant.


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