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Imparting the Blessing  4 CD Album

These CD's give biblical foundations for the verbal blessing. Learn the redemptive power of the blessing, how to break the verbal curse, and hear encouraging testimonies of families that have practiced the verbal blessing. Release the favor of God on your family.


The Anointing  4 CD Album

The Bible speaks of two anointings, one that fades and one that abides. Develop the coveted relationship with the Holy Spirit necessary to walk in the anointing that abides.


Steps to Maturity  4 CD Album

The bible indicates four stages of spiritual growth - Childhood, Sonship, Husbandship, and Fatherhood. Learn from each how to develop maturity in Christ. This series compliments the blessing material.


Leadership Series  4 CD Album

There are attributes that are essential to good leadership in the church. These attributes are also important for a healthy enviroment at home.  Learn to walk in these attributes and be a blessing to those you serve.


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